The Human Literacy Pedagogy/Heutagogy is completely aligned with the ‘Framework for Improving Student Outcomes’. 


Excellence in Teaching & Learning

  • Holistic student led learning and wellbeing centred pedagogy/heutagogy;
  • Differentiated teaching practices;
  • Visible learning and thinking;
  • Just-in-time ongoing and inclusive assessment;
  • Multiple sources of timely feedback;
  • Rich targetted data and evidence-based improvement strategies.

Positive Climate for Learning:

  • Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become ethical and empathetic actioneers and leaders of change within and beyond the school;
  • Metacognition and self-regulation is enhanced;
  • Foster a growth mindset and positive learning culture;
  • Student agency and voice are pivotal to engagement and learning;
  • Behaviour transformation leading to life-long success;
  • Four dimensions of learning - online, offline, crossline and inline;
  • Multimodal learning experiences that level the learning  field to ensure an inclusive curriculum aimed at students' zone of proximal development.

Professional Leadership:

  • Innovation Directors as change agents;
  • Values centred leadership;
  • Synergised teams;
  • Student identified needs drive leadership decision making;
  • Bottom-up leadership model;
  • Active and engaged leaders;
  • Continuous professional learning.

Community engagement in learning:

  • Stronger meaningful relationships with parents/guardians;
  • Students and parents grow together;
  • Connected parents/guardians;
  • Professional learning for parents/guardians;
  • Parents/guardians as leaders.