Edumazing is a B Corporation that combines the talent and passion of education and wellbeing professionals determined to make a positive difference to 

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learners of all ages. Thinking differently and working to change the paradigm of education, particularly at a time when social, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional disadvantage is prominent in our schools and lives, is at the forefront of their work.

Georgina Pazzi, the founder of Edumazing, and ex Assistant Principal of a large two campus P-9 College,  found motivation after the tragic death of her brother John in the 2008 Around the Bay cycling event, to  establish a connected and growing community of caring professionals, educators, young people and families that is a force for good in education. 

“We believe when you feel strongly with heart, think clearly with mind, and act passionately with positive intent, opportunities to learn and grow are limitless.” - Georgina Pazzi

With an expanding Edumazing team of professionals, they have developed a sustainable education and wellbeing heutagogy that transforms the lives of learners known as Human Literacy.

In the future Edumazing is also supporting the growth of Star Learning Foundation. Star Learning Foundation is an independent not-for-profit public benevolent institution that will use Edumazing-inspired approaches and philosophies of learning and wellbeing to provide direct relief for at risk  young people across communities throughout Australia.